Basking in sweet waters

Looking back, April was a month of action and movement, a month of beginnings being put into play. Ideas erupted into the forefront, each fighting for attention and implementation.

In contrast, this month of May foretells to be one of healing and connection, with an especial Taurean† flavor. This might sound frilly but the abundance of cups is pronounced. Generally for me, May is a month of warm weather, it is for the releasing of all the retrained energy from the rainy cold months, the beginning of summer and of days becoming longer. All these ideas are put into perspective with the spread of cards for this month.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

The fool here looks foolish, frolicking and wild, not really paying attention to where he’s going, the cat looks exasperated by this fool. Yet somehow this same fool has found his way into cool waters. Excess might have led this fool here, but that is beside the point. Now that the fool is in these waters a re-balancing is taking place. This month finds us mediating our exasperation and anxiety with cool waters. While the fool wanders aimlessly, and maybe a tad naively, we find ourselves learning that too much lack of focus, leads nowhere concrete. It is better to move forward at a steady pace, letting guidance come from the heart instead of from the desire to grasp at more than we can handle.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

Between the ten and four of cups is the shifting, here we shift from high gear to a stable gait. I want to say, down to earth and sensible. This month, indulge in what is sensible, in what provides balance. This is the time to explore what grounds you, and how you find your balance. The fool here is having his heart and spirit re-aligned, in like manner we should seek to re-align and re-asses our trajectory so far. This year has given most of us quite a rough start, with this season now upon us, cleanse and find your focus anew.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

The page of cups above gives us the advice we seek. As a youthful cup bearer, the page is attuned to hear and receive the opportune messages from the heavens. This page recommends we keep our ears ready to hear with our heart. This month we will find encouragement from those around us, and we will be heartened by the uplift that this yields for our bodies and our lives. Relish the kind words from others, keep hope close, for that is what will fill our cups and give us the fuel for the rest of the year.

In turn, the bottom card warns us against confinement and overexertion. I’ve always found batons to emphasis structure and materiality, as these are batons, wooden sticks, that when stacked create homes, furniture, etc. These particular 5 batons indicate what we should avoid doing, something quite opposite to the page above. Do not fasten your attentions on the daily grind and work so rigidly that you close off those around you. This separation is like a veil that closes you off from receiving the warmth and encouragement from loved ones, while also confining your self and your body to strain.

Follow the Page’s path, which is one of sweet waters and of being attuned with self and spirit. Stay grounded and re-asses the path covered so far, while looking ahead to the coming months.

I hope everyone’s May unfolds with blessings, and peace, peace is always good.

Also, stay posted for the next installment in my Marseille Tarot series, Animating the Tarot, which will be The Suit of Swords: Armed Force.


† As in the zodiacal sign of Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus.

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2 thoughts on “Basking in sweet waters

  1. follow sweet waters ❤ love this.

    this month is crazy overwhelming for me usually. definitely committing to balance and staying grounded and nourished. thank you for this!! wishing you a joyous May 🙂

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