Healing is a rivulet

Fantarocco Tarot Franco Anichini
Fantarocco by Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

This post starts with the cards, where I went seeking to understand healing. As I had mentioned previously, I spent most of February sick, to my great disappointment since I love the month of February. All those weeks were filled with wallowing in bad health, unsure of what was really going on, deep in depression, sullen, and joyless, which made it all the more challenging to move beyond what was going on in my body, to move toward health. February was spent sick, March has been devoted healing. I had never before realized (consciously) that healing takes time. It is a slow process not a swift one.

Thinking about this one night some some days ago, I decided to pull out my cards and ask them about healing. What turned up was very interesting. Those red wheels turning, conceding to the whims of fortune, cycling furiously with no space for rest, for catching one’s breath. Then the halt arrives with the 4 cups, evenly distributed, a wall whereon satiation can be found on the other side, recovery from anguish and anxiety. Healing is stabilizing erratic and rapidly changing shifts with a pause. Moving into a subtle flow of movement, almost imperceptible, like water trickling down a narrow stream following its own course, slight so as to be almost insignificant. Yet as we move along this trickle, we find that it leads to a small cascade, which in turn leads to a thick course running heavy with waters from other veins. Arriving at the artery where all rivulets converge. Healing is understanding and walking with this patience. There are deeper places of restoration to be found as the stream runs its course, places of replenishment, nourishment and succor.

LXXXI The Magician's Deck Quareia Press
LXXXI The Magician’s Deck created by Cassandra Beanland, Stuart LittleJohn, Josephine McCarthy, published by Quareia.

The silence of March here has been me letting my body sway and move to the rhythm of this trickling stream, moving onward at a slower pace. This is my cadence of healing. I’m slowly getting back into the flux of things, definitely look forward to April’s augury.

Meanwhile, my parting words for now are, in whichever stage of healing you are in your life, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, know first that it takes time, and second, that you’re not alone.

Keep going.


Mist and Ether Natalia Lee Forty Tarot Divinatrix

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