Healing is a rivulet

This post starts with the cards, where I went seeking to understand healing. As I had mentioned previously, I spent most of February sick, to my great disappointment since I love the month of February. All those weeks were filled with wallowing in bad health, unsure of what was really going on, deep in depression,Continue reading “Healing is a rivulet”

Enlivening the Landscape

I stake my belief fully in a landscape alive, conscious, and present. One could term this animism, if a word is needed. As I look around me, in this familiar and unfamiliar place, I let myself immersive my self into the landscape. Feeling the movement of the breeze, the glare of the sun beaming downContinue reading “Enlivening the Landscape”

We are crowdfunding for the second edition of The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck – want to help?

No that long ago I did a review of this uniquely beautiful deck, it can be found here. This new edition looks more than promising and I am certain it will remain as hauntingly enduring as the first.

The bridge of utterance

A pattern has surreptitiously emerged out of these auguries, I have just noticed, and it is that they tend to come out once the week has already begun. I mostly wait for the inclination/inspiration to do them. This week’s augury is a bit later than the previous ones, but nonetheless, the week is just beginning,Continue reading “The bridge of utterance”

LXXXI The Magician’s Deck: A Review

I received this deck around two months ago, and have read and studied the book carefully while using the deck exclusively on a daily basis. I like to involve myself with the decks I invest in, and I like to keep my collection small. I found this deck after listening to an interview by oneContinue reading “LXXXI The Magician’s Deck: A Review”