The bridge of utterance

A pattern has surreptitiously emerged out of these auguries, I have just noticed, and it is that they tend to come out once the week has already begun. I mostly wait for the inclination/inspiration to do them. This week’s augury is a bit later than the previous ones, but nonetheless, the week is just beginning, only Monday’s lunar influence has passed.


October 23-9, 2017

LXXXI The Magician’s Deck created by Cassandra Beanland, Stuart Littlejohn, and Josephine Mccarthy, published by Quareia.

This week evokes an immersion into darker realms mediated by obstacles. Challenges and temptations that besiege us demand skill and determination, as well as guidance, in navigating them. There is a heavy insinuation of the other here, perhaps an allusion to the leading up of November, the month of the Souls. Ancestral guidance aids our walk as the bridge between us and the those beyond looms clearer. As we journey through this week, October reaching its end, let us think back on those beloved departed, those that came before us, with a prayer of gratitude in our hearts and lips.

Perhaps the difficulties here are those of the self, darker hidden aspects of our psyche tempting us down divergent routes. A diving into the self at this time, comes with the caveat that we must also look beyond ourselves, beyond our self, and whatever fancies this self conjures up. We must look beyond, at the hidden words spoken in nature, and to the unspoken words of our ancestors coursing through our blood.

Challenges and difficulties will never cease, they are woven in the cycles of our lives, as we captain our ship in this world, may our ears and hearts be attuned to the whispers of our ancestors, to the wisdom of those that came before us. May we learn to steer our selves through diverse landscapes, so that our strength and perseverance is honed to excel. Just as the enthroned lady receives and is elevated in wisdom, so may we as well continue to grow and fine-tune our hearts to what is beyond us.

The Magician’s Deck created by Cassandra Beanland, Stuart Littlejohn, and Josephine Mccarthy, published by Quareia.

I hope you, reader, have a wonderful week, full of insight and guidance and wisdom.


Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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