Wading through moonlit landscapes

October 16-22.

This week’s augury brings a heady mix into play.

Il Meneghello Visconti Sforza Tarot
Tarocchi Visconti Sforza Il Meneghello Edizione, Milan, Italy, 1996.

At the center of this interplay are the three coins spinning in harmony, as well as fortitude, or strength, showing prowess and might standing above the beast, just as the lady upholds the moon above the serpent-like cords in her other hand.

How do we manage our illusions, the beasts that lurk in the dark?

This week is about wading through these waters and balancing our agility and mental fortitude, just at the entrance of Scorpio towards the end of the week. The three coins gleam prophetically, a symbol of balance and order, as the dynamics of the week thrust us toward necessary refinement. The lady of temperance looks down with disdain at her lowered jar, which is easily seen as the lurking beast or the serpentine tendrils. Yet, the lady of the moon looks up instead, mistrust at the rays of the moon. Things may become less clear towards the end of the week, our own observations muddled by external factors, this will cast doubts into our judgements and perceptions. Even so, steer clear of attaching too much meaning to this above, or that below, whether insidious critters scurrying under your feet or doubts looming above.

What do we see and how much power does that which we see have over us?

How to refine our approach, how to refine our autonomy, how to refine our agency?

If this week could be summed up in one sentence it would be: Keep it all centered, your discernment, your illusions, your strength, this is the art of being the pivot of your story.


I have been getting into the grove of these weekly auguries, enjoying what is slowly growing. I plan on sharing more ideas that have been cooking in my head, as well as finishing the exploration of the suits with the suit of clubs. I also have a, hopefully, interesting survey of the court cards I want to share. For now, I hope these auguries have been, at least, insightful. Have a lovely week, dear reader.


La Maga Tarot

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