Galloping with the winds of change

April is upon us then, sometimes it feels like months creep up on me. March was, well, better than February for me, and here is April already showing more force and initiative. Good.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

The knight of cups has a desire, to hone his vision and commit in order to fortify that which he seeks to build, and which also requires hard work, trading the cup for the sword. The king looks apt and amenable to trading his sword, even if for a brief time. Take this as an indication to move forward with the plans that have been simmering under the surface. Now is the time to order that which needs ordering, to commit and apply labor to the task. Is there something that’s been left to the wayside too long? Lacking definition, order, or even purpose? Is there a goal you’ve been putting aside in favor of more flighty pursuits? Is there an aspect of your life that needs clarity and structure? An aspect you’ve been wanting to address for months? Well, this knight is turning his cup in in favor of what he’s lacking, decisive action, the clearing and ordering of his home, his affairs, and his goals. Consider the knight.

Fantarocco Franco Anichini Knight of Cups.jpg
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

April is the month of firm action, it is for being strong of mind and will so as to get and accomplish that which you’ve sought and negated for some time. The time is auspicious now. Even the horse spurs the knight to move his cup, to trade in his cup. No more over-indulgence, excess, and lack of restraint. Now we seize a resolute standard, firm and unyielding.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

Just as those batons need holding up, so we should seek to hold up our goals and that which he have in our minds and hearts to accomplish. This month is about tending to the seedlings, about ordering the home, and organizing your goals, especially vis à vis the rest of the year. There is a far-seeing quality the this spread, as if what you feed now will in turn grow to reciprocate you in the long run. Attend to these seedlings, summon your dedication and attention to apply yourself with rigor to the task.

First, because you will not regret the energy exerted in applying yourself to what is important to you, nurturing your goals and their minutiae. You will develop constancy and discipline.

Second, because that which you put energy into will in turn feed your spirit, and feed your dreams.

Stay centered, stay focused, and always keep going.


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