Bright candle in the dark

I’m back again with this month’s augury. This one is extra something more, because as I am writing these words I’m considering for myself, the end of a decade and of a long and arduous year. Also, Jupiter just moved into Capricorn. All of his adds to the clanging bell quality of this transition point with the month of December. Nonetheless, let’s move forward with looking at the cards and staying with the moment.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

This is a month for seeing things as they are, for removing what is redundant, unneeded, and excessive. Stripping down to the core of what is important, what we want to carry with us moving forward. What is worthwhile for you and I? what is worthwhile for us? And I don’t mean worthwhile from a pragmatic point of view. I mean, those things, and facets of our lives that move each of us to invest  time, effort, and devotion. There is also a particular spotlight in cultivating relationships with others that nourish these aspects in our lives, mutually. Forming bonds that cross over barriers to nourish each other and further our aims/goals/visions.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

The sun here shines a spotlight on our acts of reaching out, extending ourselves toward others in sympathy and camaraderie. There is a jovial quality to this but it is tempered by the spread in its totality, as if communicating to us that while we reach out in companionship to others, this should be in the spirit of sincerity. In other words, let us consider the people around us and how we each contribute to our mutual growth and well-being. Sometimes, there are areas of our lives where we put our passion and devotion that do not deserve our focus. This includes people and relationships. This is the month for looking into these affairs, surveying the lay of the land that envelops us, and pruning our external gardens.


I do hope that this month is one full of closeness, closeness with our selves, with our loved ones, and with the things that truly matter in our lives.


Mist and Ether Natalia Lee Forty Tarot Divinatrix


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