The Signs of Love

I realize in retrospect that many of these auguries have served to reflect my own week before it transpires. Looking back, I see how the readings serve as a note on the week ahead, oftentimes to my own surprise, as I am not looking to divine for my own week solely. Instead, I am seekingContinue reading “The Signs of Love”

Augury- squaring the week

I am back after a much needed hiatus, and many things have changed. Firstly, I moved back home, closer to family, and roots. Meanwhile, living in a space that isn’t entirely mine while we look for a permanent home. Many, many things have changed indeed. I want to make my way back into writing, sharing,Continue reading “Augury- squaring the week”

Weekly Augury- August 14-20

  Monday “Uncork what is bound. Begin this silvery day with a dash of daring, steal the key to open what is chained, and indulge in the unfettered elixir of good measure.”       Tuesday “The swords clash with seeds of doubt, born in the shadows of the blades. Be martial in cutting throughContinue reading “Weekly Augury- August 14-20”

To find the treasure…

The Seeker steps through into the unknown, a demanding proposition requiring  strength before her. Sharp teeth gnaw at her fingers, threatening to devour her efforts and kill her resolve. The cold sharp blades open to give way for calming waters. A new road of potential opens, an outgrowth of entanglement that she must breath meaningContinue reading “To find the treasure…”