Augury- squaring the week

I am back after a much needed hiatus, and many things have changed. Firstly, I moved back home, closer to family, and roots. Meanwhile, living in a space that isn’t entirely mine while we look for a permanent home. Many, many things have changed indeed. I want to make my way back into writing, sharing, divining. As I slowly get back into the rhythm of this new life, I return to the weekly auguries.

Eros Tarot The Garden of Love Uusi Design Studio
Eros Tarot: The Garden of Love, Uusi Design Studio, New York 2017.

Inspired by ongoing ruminations about direction-ality and place, as well as a friend, this week’s augury will be a square, the four corners. With this in mind, consider how having things squared away, knowing the angles, prepares one for what is ahead.

This week, February 5-11, exposes conflict and its resolution. What fluttering birds of discord whisper nonsense in our ear, and what do we do with all the chatter? Two pages square off, one bringing hope and comfort, good news brimming in his cup which fills our hearts, our center. While the other page threatens us with his sharp blade, daring, cajoling, and taunting. This page seeks to disrupt order and sow petty aggravations. As we feel cornered and contained, how do we move forward, how do we break free from our corral?

The message is to give ear to what fills our heart. As the week presents itself sharp and double-edged, keep the waters clear and the channels open. Communication and attention is called for. When petty conflicts arise, be the bridge that resolves it. Also, give ear to what uplifts and nourishes your center, as much of what is prattled on about serves little purpose. Fill your cup with clear waters and things will run smoother.

As the two pages present a tempting dichotomy, be the one that holds the cup and pours his good tidings onto the fertile ground of the coins. Move away from heeding the brash page with the swords as he only seeks to divide and confuse. Remember that an open disposition goes far.

Despite the minor pains this week has in store, the general gist is keeping the balance, keeping a level head, and following what nourishes and uplifts.

May this week be filled with happy surprises and opportunities.

Eros Tarot Garden of Love Uusi Design Studio
Eros Tarot: The Garden of Love, Uusi Design Studio, New York 2017.



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