Ambivalence is a cold mistress

This month’s augury comes with force and motion, driving through shadowed lands. Yes it is August, and that time of the month again where I lay down a handful of cards on the table and give a brief overview of the month ahead. And this month feels good. We are out of the dense mireContinue reading “Ambivalence is a cold mistress”

Weekly Augury by candlelight…

and with wine, for the week of August 21-27. This week starts off ‘swell‘ but deflates towards the end. The focus is mainly on work and money, again, initially. As the weekend looms closer the attention shifts towards more social and indulgent affairs. With the eclipse close at hand, and the violent events that continueContinue reading “Weekly Augury by candlelight…”

Direction and flow

Now that things are picking up speed, July opens with the vector of the 6 of coins. The 6s are all about flow, the direction and movement of the current, where it’s headed and how it’s moving. With coins being in the realm of wealth, communication, and exchange, it is only natural to see theContinue reading “Direction and flow”

Storytelling with lemonde

There once was a branch that saw a lot of hangings. Those that deserved dying and those that were unjustly hung. This went on for a very long time until the people revolted and put an end to the public hangings, demanding proper justice through trial. Well, this branch was no longer being used andContinue reading “Storytelling with lemonde”

Cards: 4 of swords

Respite. Rest. Release. The peace of a battle ending in accord.  The stabily of fluidity and thoughts moving in synchronization. After the high energy of the 3, enters the receptive 4. Odds are even and everyone is in synch. Paired with Lestoille and the concept of release and respite from society is reinforced. And it’sContinue reading “Cards: 4 of swords”