Cards: 2 of cups

Fournier’s The Spanish Tarot.

Instead of the traditional Lovers Trump card, this is the one that makes me see the lovers in communion, merging. Trump 6 is about cupid, how love, our heart, plays out in our decisions and in our lives. It is about decisions and the overcoming or the merging of two different roads.

The Spanish Tarot by Fournier.

The two of cups, on the other hand, is about two individuals seeing eye to eye, coming together, communicating. It is a card about equality, about seeing the heart of things as they are. The two cups stand on equal footing, facing each other as the two “fish” faces face each, mouth open, expressing themselves.

The Spanish Tarot by Fournier.

This card can also be seen as a meeting of two close friends, of like minds coming together. Effective communication, meeting your love or a loved one, closeness, bonding, are all qualities of this card.

The suit of cups is emotional, about communication, the heart, the hearth and home. As we progress through this suit we experience the nuances that come with dealing with our emotions as we experience the ups and downs of life and also with relation to those around us. It can also be a suit of great intuition, where we learn to follow our feelings in a way that leads to successful or not so successful results.

As always, happy reading.

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