Cards: 3 of cups

I pop in after a couple weeks of absence to talk about the next card in the suit of cups.

I have been a little busy with a move, adjusting to a new place, plus I started Camelia Elias’s course Cards and Magic 2.0, and all this converges into me having limited time for ludic pleasures, such as writing. I will still be writing here, it will just be less frequent.

Jean Noblet Tarot reproduced Jeane-Claude Flornoy.

Now for that wonderful card, the 3 of cups. An expansion from the 2 of cups. A balanced expansion. The vines curve elegantly around the 3rd cup, elevating the product of two. I occasionally see this card in relation to having a baby. Where the two cups produce a baby. It is a blessing, the fruit of love and union. Also, the liquid inside the cups is measured and visible, and in all three cups the amount is the same.

The 3 of cups doesn’t have to be about physical manifestation of love, it could very well speak of 2 becoming one. Marriage. Or a joyous meeting of three dear, close friends. It could also be about finding a resolution to an emotional tension. Finding what lies above, beyond that tension, accepting, and welcoming it. Finding the ONE in the duality.

As I associate the cups with emotions, hearty gatherings, intuitive flow, the heart, the home, family. We all need water to survive. This suit is about all the manifestations of our loves, our gatherings, our emotional interactions with people.

This card speaks of a dynamic triad. A united front. Emotional flow.

Until next time, happy reading.

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