Questions of home

As the blazing sun scorches the month of June, I have felt a surge of nostalgia well up within me. It took one whole year for me to realize and internalize the reality of my move. After eight years, full of intense highs and lows, I have made my way out of the island I learned to love unexpectedly like my home. As I sit in this foreign yet familiar land I contemplate home, what is home? What does home mean? Where is home? Doubts creep in at the corners of these thoughts. Doubts and melancholy, with a tinge of regret. Suddenly I feel like taking flight, escaping back to the island. Doubting the decision to come to this new place, melancholy of what was left behind, and regret at how everything unraveled prior to my decision to move.

As I see it, there is no question about it, one step taken changes the whole dynamic of movement. Every decision shifts other small and not-so small parts of the whole wheel. Shifts in the wind, I imagine myself imitating the birds that navigate these shifts so as not to loose sight of the goal.

In the midst of this flurry of emotions, I decided to take a hiatus from writing in the beginning of this month.

I have always complained about not feeling at home, longing to see the world, restless for more, never truly taking the time to consider home. As I feel the ground under the soles of my feet stir and warm, I ask, what is home?

Playing Card Oracle Ana Cortez, Cartomancy
Playing Card Oracle by Ana Cortez and illustrated by C.J. Freeman, US Games, 2012.

Home is what I build for myself, what I create with my thoughts and within my heart. Home is the road that opens to what is right now, it cannot be found by looking outward and longing for what is impermanent, the cobwebs of the mind. Home is the ground under my feet, the sky above my head, the land that surrounds me, and the view that opens before my view.

It is after thinking about these things for some time that I come back here. In my last post I shared a pithy pdf of poems I created for the Tarot de Marseilles Trumps, The Poetic Arcanum, if you missed it you can grab it here. Also, I do offer Tarot readings over on etsy, my shop can be found here: La Maga Tarot.

I have been thinking about creative ways to continue to explore cartomancy and Tarot and reading with clarity, along with everything else I enjoy sharing on here. I plan on continuing my exploration of the Tarot minors or pips, while I am considering starting a weekly post of card readings that go along with the classical planets and their days of the week. A somewhat weekly forecast prior to the start of that week. I have been exploring classical astrology and the decans, barely dipping my toes in the deep sea that is the celestial bodies. I thought it would be interesting to do card readings related to each day of the week and its related planet. It would be brief and oracular, nothing detailed nor elaborate. I will continue thinking on this and perhaps this new endeavor will pop up next month.

On this mercurial day and hour, I hope you dear reader find clarity and place in all you do.


La Maga Tarot

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