I ended my observations in the previous piece with the art of seeing and how connecting to place allows for flow and vision. Now, what the hell is that? Well, from what I gather, and my own personal experience, this is how I would define the art of seeing, it is manner of being in the moment, of orienting oneself with awareness to what is, of stripping the self of ideations by just looking at what is around and before me, you, the individual.

It has to do with resonance.

Resonance definition

As I seek to read what is before me, including the cards, in a state of resonance that stems out of awareness, I am pushing outward and forward seeking to break conventions and dictums, in my readings, in my approach to what is spiritual, and in life. Creating an echo that reverberates beyond words. Seeking to go beyond and outside the word. Even though we all live by the word and the worlds these create, framing our lives, our selves, our thoughts, our identities by the word. But what lives outside of this superstructure? Perhaps, resonance and possibility. Of course, I am not continually, if ever truly in this permanent state, but I do strive to reside in this flux of potential. What could one possibly find in this place of being and not being? The body as agent? The body as an interactive surface? The body and being?

I think about these things as I seek to resonate and align my body and thoughts with the moment. About a month ago I started a daily regimen of planetary prayers à la Hygromanteia, or the The Magical Treatise of Solomon, translated and edited by Ioannis Marathakis. Just simple daily planetary prayers coupled with the Orphic hymn of the same planet. This began as a means of aligning my self in space and time, yet gradually it has evolved to include prayers to the Saints on their particular days, the occasional incense or candle if I feel inclined, as well as breath and body work. In taking this small sliver of time before officially beginning my day, feeding my toddler, drinking coffee and having breakfast, I find myself thinking about precisely what it is that I am doing.

This experience, using a particular framework consistently, of orientation and alignment to the moment, in situ, has created an awareness which engenders resonance. I suspect this is the crux of the importance behind, and insistence of, grounding, as it’s purported in the tarot community. Grounding the body and mind anchors the self to place and moment, which in turn allows for a better time reading the cards. Now, I will admit that when card reading I don’t generally go through all the gestures of “grounding” and whatnot, I shuffle, cut, tap the deck, and lay down the cards on the table. But through these actions, a sort of immersion to the moment is achieved. Returning back to the concept of grounding, I see it now as a way of orienting being in space and time as well. This being opens up the art of seeing that is born out of resonance. When place reverberates within you. Not what comes next, not what came before, thoughts, desires, ideations, all loose their hold.

Another aspect of this daily practice that I am seeing unfold is the power of the body, which reminds me of a Lecture given by Alkistis Dimech, which a friend shared with me some time ago.

“To map this body, which is the source of my work, and I think should be put back into the heart of magic.”

This lecture is mainly about Butoh but it swerves elegantly into the realm of the body.

Slowly, during my daily practice, I find myself performing gestures with my centering that have become a corporeal praxis. Simply allowing my body to move with the breathe. I am finding that these actions coupled with my centering(breathwork), open me up gracefully for what follows, namely the hymns and prayers. Yet I am sensing something beyond this opening, I am sensing that these gestures demarcate the power of the body. In other words, it is a way of mapping the body. A way of immersing the All self (inner and outward) in the space and time, of alignment. This daily performance of mine lasts about 10-15 minutes, but its enduring worth is palpable as I approach the rest of the day.

In retrospect, I do hope this wandering piece makes cohesive sense. What I want to get at is that our best and primary interactive surface is our body and through orienting ourselves to the moment, both inwardly and outwardly, instead of continually pining towards the future, the plans, the lists, and things that have yet to pass (or worse the myriad past happenings), we gain the gnosis that comes with awareness, with seeing what is, and consequently acting (or reading) according to this revelation. In closing, I will share one last thing. This month, I will be rolling out weekly tarot readings aligned with each day of the week, a sort of forecast, yet anchored to the planetary rulers of each day, à la classical astrology. Something simple, and pithy you can take with you for the day if the reading resonates with you. I hope those that follow or stumble upon this creative space of mine enjoy this new weekly experiment. Also, please remember I am not an astrologer. If I am anything, it is someone who loves reading, be it books, signs, cards, tarot, and it is through this medium that I approach these weekly planetary readings.


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