A cheeky Augury

September 25- October 1st.

It seems that going with the current and flux of things is favorable on my end, I realize as I sit down to write this week’s augury. A lit candle guided the shuffling as I thought about all the potentialities this week might hold for me, for you (whomever stumbles upon this augury), and us all, the collective. I shuffled thinking about the possibilities, and the changes that incorporate themselves in our landscape, both outer and inner, as September closes.

I have been enjoying a fruitful Cyprianic novena, as I am sure many out there have these last nine days, and under the auspices of the eve of Saint Cyprian’s feast day, tomorrow, I spread out my cards.

Hotcakes Playing Cards by Uusi Design Studio.
Hotcakes Playing Cards by Uusi Design Studio, manufactured by The US Playing Card Company.

All black cards, spades to be exact, nefarious whispering lurks around poisoning the body and the heart, underpinned by toil and burdens. Well my friend, this looks like it will be a challenging week. As September closes its chapter, the dim lights of October descend upon us. Autumn is at its peak and gloom begins to set in. This alludes, at least for those, like me, in the Northern regions, to a time of introspection, and withdrawing within. The beginning of hibernation. Spades, connected to earth confirm this stasis and darkness, of going within. The image that underpins all this is the burden of toil seeking change, a change of pace, a change of load.

As Autumn hits peak, change pace and allow yourself to walk at a calmer gait. Let the season descend upon you with ease while also guarding yourself for the darker days ahead. Also, be aware of your body as the cold sets in and guard your well-being and health.


La Maga Tarot


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