New Moon, New Season

Today is a good day for runes, as Mars marks the second day of the week, I feel the weight of Wednesday in this new moon. A new season has begun here in the North, and I find myself packing boxes and selling furniture in preparation for another big move.

I know I mentioned in my previous post the current upheaval taking place, the move and the time constraints that this move entails in regards to my weekly posts. I have decided to keep things loose and simple. I will be doing weekly readings on my Instagram, because it is simpler and easier for me at the moment. A quick picture that encompasses the week’s energies. If you would like to follow along with the weekly readings, you can see my Instagram account or my Twitter account, both are connected. As for what I will be writing here, much will remain the same. I will continue writing about my journey, my ideas, and my notions on all things literary, cartomantic, and sorcerous.


As for this week, and today specifically, I want to share some thoughts based on a spontaneous rune reading. For me rune-casting, and similar forms of casting lots, hold a deeply imaginal realm when reading the signs, intensely experiential. As opposed to the clear images one can see in the Tarot, with runes, one has shapes attached to verses and mythic ideas. This allows for a keen sensorial reading, where words take second place, and what grasps at my senses are images, mythic reflections, places, and spaces. Oftentimes, my understanding of the reading is felt instead of textually understood, or encoded.

Attempting to constrain this runecasting, my words will be brief, and they will be addressing the energies of the week as it transitions with this new moon and the beginning of autumn.

Rune Lot
Wooden Rune lot and paraphernalia.

There is a turning here of elements as the days change shape, taking on darker and constrained aspects. It isn’t a smooth transition, as from above a huddled flux of forms, opposition, and frailty move into play. Our mettle here is tested in these darker months, a descent into the chthonic realms, and a testing of strength and resilience. During this time, we attune our eyes to see through the shadows, to find the light. It is also a time for thinking on the other, the neighbors, the friends, the family, those that surround our daily lives. For when times are dark, others help us find our way, and vice versa. Stay close, and stay resilient.


La Maga Tarot



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An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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