A short augury

…to color our awareness this upcoming week.

Ancient Italian Tarot LoScarabeo
Ancient Italian Tarot, published by LoScarabeo, Italy, 2010.

Foundations are shaken this week and we leave the place of comfort to find a taut blade peeking through the discomfort. This is a sign of things turning for the worse, but alas, as the edifice crumbles, the promise of release for the blade is immanent, as what is strung, and firm always has the potential of being taken down. In life their are few certainties. As for seeing things for what they are, look for the road that opens, the X that marks the spot in the horizon. Because where things crumble, therein resides the capacity to build something else in its place, hopefully something better. With the week looking like a battlefield, keep an eye for the opening roads along the way and make sure to take the ones that hold promise and change. Keep working at it.


I began these weekly auguries as a way to bring more consistency into my blog, plus, I love reading the cards and exploring different ways of doing so. I am not one to read the cards for myself everyday, but I thought this would be a good way to see how the readings mirror the week in the long run. So far it has been fun and enlightening for myself, I hope it has been so as well for those that have read them. This week I decided to trim it down a bit with the card layout. This is because I am in the process of moving, packing my books and selling furniture, it is a lot of work. For now, I will be doing these auguries in shorter form, but know that I might also suspend these installments, at some point, until after the move.

I will, as always, continue writing and sharing my thoughts about all things tarot, cartomancy, magic, books, and perhaps even dive into more esoteric subjects.

Wishing you a wonderful week.


La Maga Tarot

Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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