Through the forest darkly

I don’t know about you, but the month of October was brutal for me, my heart was crushed several times. I had to put down my 15 year old cat, she was sick, and the experience of taking her to the vet to put her to sleep was horrible. Issues at my job rose up to the surface and punctured my confidence. And then I just simply didn’t feel up to keeping up my spiritual routine, daily prayers, meditation, vision work, etc. I felt wounded, and didn’t know how to muster the strength to recover my vitality. I attribute all this, in part, to Venus’s underworld journey while in Scorpio, and a couple of other things that have been building up since the summer.

Looking back at October’s augury, “what has to die? What has to be put into the blazing fires? What has to be purged in the flames?” I come to the conclusion that I didn’t quite survive unscathed from all the cutting and burning. This month, the month of souls, I am slowly starting to crawl out of the hole (very slowly). I begin other things now, things to do with the dead, the beloved departed, the ancestors. Admittedly, it strikes me as auspicious that as I crawl out of my hole with gaping wounds, I come to the dead seeking their guidance, sending prayers their way for light and propitiation.


Hotcakes Uusi Design Design Studio 2014
Hotcakes, First Edition, by Uusi Design Studio, The United States Playing Card Company, 2014.*

This month sees a couple things coming to the forefront in tandem, overwork and changing winds. The advice for the month can be briefly summed up with the words, “maneuver your way through the thicket to find the path forward.” This finding the path forward must be done amidst the strain of overall life pressures, that is work, home, emotional, and spiritual. Too much is rarely a good thing and we must find that point where the path opens and we’re able to navigate through the many things that tax the body. A slowing of pace is in order, as well as discernment. Keep practicing discernment between what feeds you good and what poisons.

Hotcakes Uusi Design Studio 2014
Hotcakes, First Edition, by Uusi Design Studio, The United States Playing Card Company, 2014.



Sometimes decisions have to be made, quick and drastic ones. Delineations and delimitations have to be set. This is not about being more productive, about filling the heart so as the work is more fruitful. This is about taking care of the self and the body. Keeping the head above water so as to find better ways of living and being, and fulfillment.

Hotcakes Uusi Design Studio 2014
Hotcakes, First Edition, by Uusi Design Studio, The United States Playing Card Company, 2014.






The decisions and the actions taken build the bridge for us. The bridge that takes us onward. As we walk through pitfalls and obstacles, look at it this way: You are walking on a moonless night through a dark forest, the trees press on you from all sides, and the occasional burst of fear grips your heart. But you need to keep walking, sensing with your hands, your feet and your heart, other than your eyes. Sense your way through by activating discernment and feeling.

As I say all this, I don’t mean to indicate that this month will be terrible, but it is a month where how we discern our way through difficulties is highlighted.

I hope you and I have a good month ahead, and despite the changing winds and strains that press on us we continue walking, and moving, and living, and laughing, and loving, and remembering, and becoming.

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*This month’s oracle is brought to you by Uusi’s beautiful playing card deck, Hotcakes. It seemed right to me as I thought about this month in the midst of Scorpio season to use an erotic style deck.


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5 thoughts on “Through the forest darkly

  1. This fits my life so well right now that it’s as if you gave me a personal reading. Seems like we’re experiencing a similar Venus Rx. Thank you for the augury!


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