Aiming for the heart

I’ve been using the Centennial Smith-Waite Tarot of late, keeping it next to me on my night table and going deeper in my connection with the deck. Thus I will be using the deck for this month’s augury.

Centennial Smith Wait Tarot Rider Waite Smith Tarot US GAMES
Centennial Smith-Waite Tarot, published by US Games Systems, 2009.

This month simmers with questions of authority and power. Swinging spears and coming up against what remains still is the general theme for February. Issues of dominance and order force us to confront unpleasant aspects of our psyche and also our surroundings. It is good to sit with these tensions and interrogate our intentions and drives. It is also good to sit with what stands for the structures around us and our lives. We might be surprised to find the roots have an appearance heretofore unrecognized and not wholly welcome. Because of the arising tensions we will find our boundaries challenged.

  • How taut are your foundations?
  • How orthodox is the ground you stand upon?
  • How much room for dynamic shifts is available for your ideas, for your work, and for the towers you are constructing?

As your boundaries are challenged, find the space that allows for protection. Guard your borders even as you keep them malleable. This month is a lesson in remaining steadfast yet daring, protecting what you value even as you provoke and interrogate that which you protect.

Antonio Da Trento Woodcut Sibyl


Mist and Aether La Maga Etsy mist and ether

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