In the alembic

June and summer are officially here, it is uncommonly hot and the sun beaming down has become relentless. As I type this I hear a cacophony of honking horns in the distance. An example of the madness heat creates when concentrated.

I’m also at this month’s augury which will be brought to you by the recently republished Gill Tarot. While shuffling the cards and getting ready to divine for the message, I was simultaneously listening to The Astrology Podcast’s June forecast. My hands were hesitant to deal out the cards. I was thinking that they would all turn out to be swords or batons, with a cup blocking resolution. To my surprise this wasn’t the case. For a second I considered re-shuffling. I doubted the cards, and the moment. Why these cards? Isn’t June celestially prognosticated to be a difficult month? But, I could not re-shuffle and repeat the process, on principle. And so folks, here you have this month’s cards, shaded by cool plants.

The Gill Tarot Us Games Mass market tarot decks.jpg
The Gill Tarot by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, published by US Games Systems, 2018.

For clarity’s sake, the cards are 6 of cups in an energetic red wheel against a vibrant yellow, the rooted king of disks become a tree himself, and the enigmatic lovers calibrating their fates.

The Gill Tarot Us Games Mass market tarot decks.jpg.jpg
The Gill Tarot by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, published by US Games Systems, 2018.

So, let’s talk about June. Here, all directions point left, toward the spiraling 6 of cups. The king himself even seems to hold the circling gyre of cups, conceiving (as stated in the keyword) his next steps, the next move. With the lovers, a card that is about dividing and deciding, about re-calibrating, evidently it is as if the king is considering his next move. Unequivocally, the next steps do have to be carefully considered. In the realm of the formidable and the solid, how do we move our pieces to achieve our desired ends? Conversely, when facing the spinning wheel, how do we interpret the patterns?

The colors in the cards are vibrant, colorful, and warm, with the gentle blue of the king giving subtle contrast. There are no jarring polemics in play this month, superficially at least. But there is the tension of execution, how to dynamically distill our desires?

The Gill Tarot Us Games Mass market tarot decks.jpg
The Gill Tarot by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, published by US Games Systems, 2018.

Clearly, we are directed toward how we guide our emotions, desires, and wants.

Speaking of the cards at face value, they are about taking what you hold close and bringing it into spirited movement, allowing the form move at will. Thusly, granting your desire the necessary form to evolve. The Lovers pull, redirect and realign, shifting decisions and rectifying. In turn, the King in his formative position holds the sphere in contemplation. This is were you (we) are this month, in the king’s position. Contemplating what, you may ask? The quality and distillation of your desire. When I say desire, I don’t simply mean sexual. The word here embodies a force that daily drives you, the passion that propels your steps to keep moving and going with purpose and direction. It is the drive that fills your spirit and which nourishes.

This month of June is for attending to this force, how it moves, and seeing that your decisions and steps are genuinely led by it.

Lastly, be especially attentive to messages/whispers from above, as the month looks to be full of potential for this kind of communication. Which can cross your path as a synchronous moment, as a hunch (gut feeling) or as the calm inner voice that offers a different perspective.

As always, keep going.


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