The paths ahead

I am back from a brief hiatus, I apologize for those who follow this site. Besides May and June being a dense month for me, I also re-evaluated my screen time and better organized my day for optimal health. This meant that I had to reschedule the time spent in front of my computer, reduceContinue reading “The paths ahead”

Cards: 5 of Coins

We arrive at this juncture in the middle, the 5 of coins. A solitary coin encased within flowering leaves and two open buds above and below. The heart, the center, the core. There is an emphasis here in the center, the excluded, as the four coins around it are balanced and stable. A seed perhaps,Continue reading “Cards: 5 of Coins”

A question of agency

I rarely, if ever, get entangled in sharing my thoughts about the goings-on of the world around us, especially the political-cultural upheavals, swells, and movements. This is not out of lack of caring or disinterest, it is instead out of my feeling of impotency. Because of this, I frequently find myself thinking about the conceptContinue reading “A question of agency”