The fountain of joy

After a couple months of settling in, getting into the rhythm of life in my new home, I find myself in a place of constant rediscovery. Seeing what I once disliked in a new light, and with new eyes. As I go about my daily life of re-learning and attending to what is present with me and my family, the days and weeks drift by. Now, slowly crawling out of the earth, like a bud peeking out to greet the sun, I embrace divination and the cards anew.


This month hangs on a limb, with questions and indecision barring our path. The focus hinges on work and creative projects, how to fulfill our vision, versus how to please those above or beyond our ideas. Moreover, how do we re-invigorate our approach? How do we define and pursue our goals? Oftentimes, this striving ends up weighing over us, a burden that impedes our path. In the face of these frustrations, we should set our sights on releasing the dammed waters, all the entangled desires, hopes and visions. Instead of hanging on a limb, vexation tying our hands and feet, we need to let go. A new perspective, inspiration, and direction will serve us better. Instead of beating what is not moving nor working into an amenable shape, let it go. This month is not about exertion, strength and power. It is about the subtle influences of creativity, insight, and the heart. It is about swimming in the waters of love and being in the moment of artful awareness. How do we get out of the bonds that keep us hanging upside down? By not looking at, and moving away from, the tangled web of comprised intentions and ideas, substituting this deadened habit with a more refined, inspired and creative approach. The questions to keep present are:

What are you doing, and what are you doing it for?

Tarocchi Visconti-Sforza Il Meneghello
Tarocchi Visconti-Sforza published by Il Meneghello, Milano, Italy 1996.


For these upcoming months I plan on finishing my overview of the Tarot de Marseille pips with the final suit, the batons. Also along the way, the courts will make an appearance. Meanwhile, I hope this month finds you well, that it is full of honesty, good work, and joy.


La Maga Tarot

Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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