Portals of insight

Piatnik Wein Pointner Tarot Marseille Tarot
Tarot Pointner, Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne Wien, 1974.

This month we look through portals of possibilities to maneuver our way through obstacles that block our path. Satiety and potential, dominate as we peek through the window of what could be, what can be, and what needs to be cut. Ingenuity guides our vision, but beware not to be led astray into the land of illusions. How we fare will depend largely on the wisdom we bring to the table, what we know and how we play with chance with what we know. We are looking through the glass, seeking to cut the weeds that stagnate our movement. This month is about reaching that point of “enough” and cutting what does not assist us so as to heal and move forward, onward, with the goals we have in mind. How do we move through and beyond? How do we wield our perspicacity and insight in moving forward without being led astray by  a chimera.

Pointner Tarot Piatnik Wein Marseille Tarot
Pointner Tarot, Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne Wein, 1974.

Do work through wounds, cutting the weeds with precision so as not to harm what could possibly be helpful, do not be hasty in plowing through the misused, or unused fields. Work through the the rejuvenation of your soil with prudence, instead of being led in haste, with “enough” blurring your perception.

All or most of life is learning how to move, how to cull, cultivate and nourish our landscape, both interior and exterior, it is all a process of refining and enriching our landscape, knowing the when, the how and the why.


*On another note, I closed my etsy shop for the time being, given time constraints in social media advertising, in other words lacking the time to continually edit and promote my shop. I find it challenging to continually tweak and promote a shop given that I do not create individual spreads with positional significations. I read by context, depending on the question asked I add more or less cards to the spread, additionally I edit the shape of the spread accordingly. Therefore it is challenging for me to shoehorn listings given the free-form structure of my tarot readings. I opened a contact form and will be giving readings freely, with an option to donate through my PayPal(lamagatarot@gmail.com). You can head on over to my La Maga Tarot readings page and read more on how to submit a question. I open this option up freely, with no expectations, desiring only to keep shuffling and reading the cards for others, something I really enjoy and love doing.


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