A miscellany

In keeping with my previous post and the themes somewhat explored therein, this is a list of links to articles and ideas that coalesce in the same stream of thoughts. Last year around this time I also created a list, in keeping with cycles I am doing the same this year but instead of hauntings and the dead, this list is about what I mean in regards to en-souled movement and being.

From Emergence Magazine by Adam Loften and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, “Counter Mapping.”

“Such maps are widely assumed to convey objective and universal knowledge of place. They are intended to orient us, to tell us how to get from here to there, to show us precisely where we are. But modern maps hold no memory of what the land was before. Few of us have thought to ask what truths a map may be concealing, or have paused to consider that maps do not tell us where we are from or who we are. Many of us do not know the stories of the land in the places where we live; we have not thought to look for the topography of a myth in the surrounding rivers and hills. Perhaps this is because we have forgotten how to listen to the land around us.”

From Runesoup.com, “Talking The Lord of the Rings with Dr. Becca Tarnas.”

This isn’t just about JRR Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”, it is about learning how to see, navigate and engage within an en-souled World.

From Witches & Wine, “How to use Dance and Movement in Magic,” with Alkistis Dimech of Scarlet Imprint (Part 1). “Babalon, Feminine Sex Magic, Body as Test,” with Alkistis Dimech (Part 2).

“I am a dancer; my body is the material for my art, and movement is my practice, the medium of dance. Movement arises mysteriously, at the very source of life and before even a self forms.”Dynamics of the Occulted Body, Alkistis Dimech

From Feather & Scale, “Faerie Law,”

“In performing the same ceremonies, one enters a mutual relationship with the Ancestors and The Dreaming, and so “‘re-creates’ the world.”[3]

For these reasons, the continued vital status of “country” requires inhabitants to continue re-enacting these ceremonies—and thus re-activating Law and The Dreaming—in order to regenerate country. In this sense, human participants co-create a living, enchanted world. If one fails to do so, or if the ceremony is lost or broken, then presumably one winds up with, well, broken country.” -Faerie Law, Feather & Scale


La Maga Tarot Mist and Ether


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